Being together vs Bonding

JOURNEYthroughJIGSAW was inspired by Harriette M. Reed (my Mama) and encouraged by Journey Etteirrah (my niece & Co-Owner). Putting puzzles together with Mama, as a little girl gave me much joy and fond memories. Puzzling gave us time to share our thoughts and dreams with one another. It gave us an understanding of each other’s ways of problem-solving. Completing a puzzle, was the gift of our teamwork & a symbol of our everlasting Bond.

Until the age of five, Journey was living with extremely blurred vision. She got her first pair of eyeglasses. For the first time, she didn’t have to put the pieces of images together. Ever since, Journey has been crafting, photographing, drawing & pointing out the beauty… in our community. The Beauty, that’s at times, hard to see or find.

We decided to share our creations & findings in the form of Jigsaw Puzzles. Jigsaw Puzzles can be a powerful tool for Relationship Bonding. Being together or with yourself does not automatically create a Bond. Bonds are created through Quality Time. Quality Time is created by Mindful Actions that promote a balanced environment where mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social wellness can prosper.

Our Mission is to provide Unique Puzzles and Create Everlasting Bonds.

  • Kids / Teens

    Puzzling helps build Mental Skills, Independence, Problem Solving and promotes Activity. Use as an alternative to “screen time”. (Adult supervision for children is recommended. Small pieces are a choking hazard.)

  • I / Self

    Puzzling allows you to enjoy Self-time. It promotes Quiet-time and Thought Awareness. It allows you to slow down and reflect. You get to remember how great you are, to spend time with.

  • Adults / Elders

    Puzzling is a form of Mental Yoga. It stretches and strengthens the mind. It’s an outlet for de-stressing. Puzzling pairs well with small intimate Social Gatherings, Family Game Nights, and Couple Date Nights. Puzzling can promote conversations.